About Us

At our core, we are educators and professionals with civil, electronics, art, social, mechanical, and software industry experience. We aim to enable and empower people from different backgrounds by building products and training schemes tailored to our services. 

Teaching them about electronics and other areas, depending on their interests and helping them reach their full potential. We have visited and partnered with an organisation in Brussels that has proven this model to work. 

We want to enable and foster re-purposing of items for a new life and to operate as an exemplar product store and online presence. Included in this process is to

  • Develop products, employment, and training opportunities to support those less fortunate.
  • Relieve hardship and poverty.
  • Collaborate with research institutions.
  • Have a safe and clean practice at our core.
  • Prevent contact with, and re-circulation of hazardous materials.

Please view our store for details of our air quality monitor pilot program. We are now taking orders for custom sensors, the base outdoor unit monitors CO2, Sulphur Dioxide and Particulate. We also have companion indoor units which will be forming our pilot with Insight Center for Data analytics, Galway City Partnership, Galway Museum, and Galway National Park City, for monitoring and improving indoor air quality through predictive analytics across Galway and Ireland. We welcome customers from other counties, and intend to branch out operations to local communities across Ireland. Dashboards will be launched in 2022 on Rethink-Air.ie